27 September 2012

live in this city

the latest from Dragonette.

05 December 2011

Gold & Denim

Gold & Denim - Hometown Beatdown ft. Martina Sorbara
produced by: AuPt

16 October 2011

love injections

a little something to add to my christmas wish list....

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14 April 2011

quote of the day

05 April 2011

stitch stitch moustache stitch

stuff i like today

23 February 2011

Something Nice

"Amid all the bad news and negativity in the world today, these simple street posters perpetuate warmth and optimism. Designed to capture attention and create awareness of the moment: suddenly, an opportunity to do something nice. Tear away a tab and keep it for yourself or give it away. Something Nice is for everyone. A gentle, unassuming and public way to spread some goodness."

check it out here. spread the love.