03 March 2006


check this out..it's a graphical map of coroflot portfolios organized by schools..pretty neat...i always love the work from sva.....


14 February 2006

be mine

happy valentine's day!!

01 February 2006


something to check out....lots of cool projects......

23 January 2006


check out this new project from dimvision called musicmap...it is an application for exploring album relationships based on amazon's similarity results....you type in an album and it searches for other similar albums...then displays the results in a graph....it's great for discovering new music......sounds good to me.....

16 January 2006


although chindogu are considered to be useless japanese inventions...some seem pretty useful to me...atleast for a laugh...i especially like the backscratcher t-shirt...brilliant...

the ten tenents of chindogu

to see more examples, check out this site

13 January 2006

2006 ecma nominees

congrats to the novaks on their 2 ecma nominations

to see the rest

short-listed nominees for the 2005 untitled art awards

congrats to all the ocad alumni and faculty who received nominations for the untitled art awards......

best solo or group exhibition in a private gallery ($1000 prize)
alumni brian kipping, fiona smyth and geoffrey pugen

best solo or group exhibition in an artist-run space ($1000 prize)
alumni chandra bulucon, nestor kruger, angela leach, frank de francesca and ilona staples

best independent solo or group exhibition or project ($1000 prize)
alumni jennifer mcmackon

emerging curator award ($1000 prize)
alumni will kucey and dana samuel

best curated exhibition in a public gallery ($1000 prize)
assistant professor eldon garnet, faculty of art

emerging artist award ($1000 prize)
alumni kristan horton, camille turner and geoffrey pugen

lifetime achievement award ($3000 prize)
alumni doris mcCarthy and michael snow
honourary fellow vera frenkel

to see the full list of nominees....

your new roommate


11 January 2006

2 of my favorite commercials

simple, quiet and beautiful

sony bravia

ebay - the power of all of us ("people are good")

canada's history through t-shirts

there have been many times when i've been in conversations on "what is canada?"...they mostly stemmed from conversations on canadian design...it is a common topic, one that seems to have gained even more interest in the past few years...i have many thoughts on the it, but for now i just want to post this link from the cbc website...the article is about t-shirt design based on canadian accomplishments.......
...david suzuki is my favorite......

interview with marco ahtisaari

here is an interview with marko ahtisaari...the director of design strategy at nokia...he has some great ideas on communication and interaction design...smart guy

marco was also invited to speak at the design graduation party at ocad this past may....i was lucky enough to have been invited to dinner afterwards with marko and his wife along with the dean of design (and her husband), head of the id department, and my thesis instructors.....interesting and informative night......

everything i have ever...wanted, needed, loved, lost...

this poster is awesome...i wanna to use it as my letter to santa next christmas...