31 January 2008

love is a mix tape

the other night i finished a new book that will be added to my list of favorites. "love is a mix tape: life and loss, one song at a time" by rob sheffield, a contributing editor at rolling stone, kept me up past my bedtime a few nights in a row. the memoir tells the story of sheffield's life with a music loving punk girl, renee, who he met in the late eighties. though the two didn't really have much in common but their mutual love of music, they fell in love and got married two years later. they spent their few short years together discovering, discussing and enjoying the indie rock music that exploded in the early nineties to create the grunge scene.

each chapter of the book begins with the track list from a chosen mix tape. sheffield's large collection of these tokens from the past are what inspired this book in the first place. each one brought back many memories of a time spent with a girl who's life ended way before people were ready to let her go. it was fun to read through each list comprised of everything from yo la tengo to abba and everything in between. i got excited each time there was a track that i knew and loved, ones that even brought back a flood of memories for me. one in particular - "thirteen" by big star...elliott smith's version is one of my all time favorite songs.

i was a little sad when i reached the last sentence of this great book, but happy that i discovered it in the first place.

29 January 2008

cutmr 2007

come up to my room, the gladstone hotel's annual alternative design event, is just around the corner so in preparation i thought i'd post my stuff from last years event.

i was lucky enough to join motherbrand and a few other fellow designers in the "lint picking" room. (tagline: "canadian designers go navel gazing to see what they can find").
ugly sticks
often found at traditional newfoundland kitchen parties, the "ugly stick" is a homemade percussion instrument crafted from household items.

canadian icons form the "newfoundland tri-colour" and newfoundland icons form the canadian flag, these poster were a graphical representation of the connection and disconnection between newfoundland and canada

here are a few links that lead to stories about last years show...

gladstone hotel cutmr2007
toronto craft alert

it's been awhile

since it's been taking me a while to start re-designing my website, i've decided to link my old blog to my url and start posting again.....