23 July 2009

hate the game, not the playa

can't wait for season 3 .....

13 July 2009

n y o o d

dessert at nyood
(the only part of delicious meal that i thought to take a photo of)

~brulee lemon bombe with blueberry lavender ice cream, almond dacquiose, and berries
~chocolate hazelnut truffle tart with anglaise, tuille, and creme fraiche ice cream

12 July 2009

girl with the kaleidoscope necklace

there was only one thing i wanted for my birthday this year and i was lucky enough to have a sweet boyfriend who bought it for me. jewellery designer, and good friend, corrine anestopoulos has created a superb fall '09 collection for her line, biko. filled with 'vintage meets modern' pieces, the limited edition kaleidoscope necklace was my favorite.

08 July 2009

yummy yummy lupa...

on a recent trip to nyc, we spent a night dining at one of mario batali's restaurants, lupa. so amazing i had to document every course. delicious food plus a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff equals one amazing nyc night!

07 July 2009

garage sale

another great garage sale poster.
not as "designy", but just as fun as the last one i posted.

spotted in roncesvalles village, toronto

slow show

the national are just lovely

01 July 2009

oh canada