29 January 2010

Grown Up Movie Star

if you're in toronto this weekend, go see this movie

ScotiaBank Theatre (Richmond and John Street, Toronto)

Jan. 29th Fri: 1:10, 4:30, 7:30, 10:10
Jan. 30th Sat: 11:20am, 1:50, 4:30, 7:30, 10:10
Jan. 31st Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed: 1:10, 4:30, 7:30, 10:10

27 January 2010

love love love ♥

super sweet prints from Calgary-based UPPERCASE

love ring by chutapat wittaya
via designboom

26 January 2010


the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs' video for their forthcoming single Skeletons

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22 January 2010

VCR - the xx

from one of my favorite albums of 2009, xx, by london-based, The xx.

11 January 2010

cutest photobooth pics ever!

spotted on design*sponge

09 January 2010

what you do (will come back to you)

by toronto-based, Lioness

Directed by: Jeff Scheven / Costumes by: Vanessa Fischer

08 January 2010


I arrived home from work yesterday to this lovely little prize that my sweet boyfriend had bought for me when he was in the UK this past fall. He had it shipped and for some reason (canada post sucks this time of year), it took 2 months to cross the pond! I, as many other millions of people, have a slight obsession with polaroids (and poladroid) and this sweet little mirror was well worth the wait. cute! thanks tb

click - instant photo mirror by Colin O'Dowd

little lion man

the official video for Mumford and Sons' debut single, Little Lion Man.

07 January 2010

come fly with me

the cutest 50's-inspired dress from anthropologie
Embroidered planes from days gone by zoom over striped voile, flying high above the strapless bodice and flouncy skirt.

nice paper locks

paper hairstyles by amy flurry & nikki salk of paper cut project.

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05 January 2010

yes please......

opening ceremony tasseled rectangle scarf

Boarded Up

Nice project by London-based graphic designer, James Reynolds.

"With more and more businesses being forced to close down, the sight of bare wood across the windows and doors is now commonplace and unsightly. By pasting the wooden panels with actual images, this problem is solved."

via wooster collective

04 January 2010

03 January 2010

dot dot dot

The Cipher Drinking Glasses designed by Damjan Stankovic
A clever design that uses a multi-coloured dot pattern on drinking glasses which spell out a word depending what kind of drink is in the glass (Milk, Coca-Cola, Orange)

crazy projections