31 December 2009

happy 2010

19 December 2009

introducing...little miss sadie

the sweetest little puggle i ever did meet.....

17 December 2009

tiger tee

it was only a matter of time before these puppies hit the shelves.......

tiger tee from urban outfitters

06 December 2009

Ambling Alp - Yeasayer

the first single from the brooklyn-via-baltimore band's upcoming second album, Odd Blood.

03 December 2009

the Hudson Bay Blanket - reworked

To promote some new high-end pieces of canadiana that the Hudson Bay Company will be launching in the coming months, several designers were asked to chop up their iconic hudson bay blanket and create one-of-a-kind warm and fuzzy and fashionable winter wears.

Local designers such as Jeremy Laing, Klaxon Howl, Smythe and Pink Tartan created pieces that ranged from dramatic and theatrical to simple and lovely.

Toronto-based design duo, Smythe's creation is pictured above.

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