23 February 2011

Something Nice

"Amid all the bad news and negativity in the world today, these simple street posters perpetuate warmth and optimism. Designed to capture attention and create awareness of the moment: suddenly, an opportunity to do something nice. Tear away a tab and keep it for yourself or give it away. Something Nice is for everyone. A gentle, unassuming and public way to spread some goodness."

check it out here. spread the love.

18 February 2011

light up the night!

One of my insanely talented friends, Angella, moved to Sweden a few months back to accompany her boyfriend as he works on his PhD. While there, she has been working on her LED bicycle coats and jackets - creating super functional and stylish apparel for cyclists.

Her online store launches next month, but for now you can check out her duds here.

and here and here

14 February 2011

happy hearts day!

11 February 2011

pinhole sky

my friend Nate Kreiswirth wrote a sweet little ditty that was featured in a Honda Odyssey commercial this past fall. People liked it so much that Honda decided to release it through their website....for free. And with every download, they'll donate $1 to Safe Kids Canada.

download here and enjoy.